Monday, April 6, 2020

Monday Check In

Hello 3rd Graders,

I see that all of you were able to log in and answer your attendance question on Google Classroom. It appears that most of you have already completed the math assignment that was assigned today; great job!

I have gotten a few questions as to how to upload and turn in your assignment for Questions 13-15. I looked on google and found this article/link:

Hopefully this helps you load future assignments. If it doesn't can everyone who uploaded their assignment, please comment with how they uploaded their questions for 13-15?

Here is a gym assignment from Miss. LeClair (Miss Ploederl also posted this in her blog post):

Hello kids, Hope you all are doing well. 
Here is the gym activities for the week. Let's get moving and shaking for about 10 minutes a day. 

-- Let's start by putting on your favorite music and move and dance. Get our heart rate up and dance for 2-3 songs. Maybe by the end of the week you can make up your own dance. 

-- After you get done moving with the dance please stretch and do your 8 push-ups and 16 crunches.  

Have fun, and stay active. Miss LeClair

If you have time please send some pictures to your teacher to post on their classroom blog of your cool dance moves. 

Fun Disney Family Feud Trivia Question of the Day!
Today's Survey Question is: Name a type of candy that Scrooge McDuck would give away at Halloween. There are 5 top answers.

Comment below with your answer/top answers.

Yesterday's Survey Question was: "Name the Disney or Disney-Pixar character you would like to have pictured on your sneakers (shoes). There are 8 top answers.

1. Mickey Mouse
2. Ariel
3.Buzz Lightyear
4.Donald Duck
5. Pluto
6. Winnie the Pooh
7. Genie
8. Minnie Mouse

Your answers were: Jackson-Darth Vader; Nick- Olaf; Journey- Little Bo Peep; Iley- Stitch, and Evelyn- Bruni from Frozen 2.