Tuesday, March 12, 2019

February/March 2019

We are presently learning about folktales.  As part of our studies we are writing a class book on fairy tales and tall tales that we will be sending in to be published.  Each family will be able to purchase a copy and when we receive them back we will celebrate with a author night at school.  The children are working very hard on their stories and I am sure you will enjoy them.

We have also spent some time playing games with sight words.

Enjoy a little competition.


In math we have been working hard on our multiplication facts by doing a Sweet Treats Quiz at the start of math class or playing different math games or activities. We have also been working on division facts by using flashcards, playing math games, or activities.


 One St. Patrick's Day activity we did we used addition, multiplication, and division to figure out how many pieces in all we had, and how many pieces each student would get. When finished with the activity we were able to make to little leprechaun monsters.


We finished our rock and soil unit in Science with a Rock Discovery Day! Students were able to touch, feel, and use magnifying glasses to look at rocks to discover what properties and minerals the rocks were made up of. We will come back to science in Quarter 4.



We have been learning about different communities we belong to, and the rules, and responsibilities people have within those communities. Our next chapter will discuss the types of geography and the communities that live there, such as dessert, river, and mountain communities.


In art we started (and will be finishing) our wineglass snowmen on Wednesday. The students have been having a blast making these!

We made Valentine's for all our parents for Valentine's Day. The kids loved (or squealed) when painting their hands to make the projects! We hope you loved receiving a present they made! We also made Love Bugs to celebrate Valentine's Day at school.

For St. Patrick's Day the students made 3-D Shamrocks that we hung in the room. They will be starting a shamrock drawing on Wednesday, which will be hung in the hallway when finished.