Thursday, November 30, 2017


Mrs. Lenaburg dressed for
Halloween by the students.
Mr. McClintock dressed for
Halloween by the students.
Holidays! Halloween has come and gone. We had a fun party donning costumes, eating treats, and playing games. We even dressed up Mrs. Lenaburg and Mr. McClintock in random costume attire! Thanksgiving is here, and we are so thankful for our wonderful nine students and their families. Next, the season of Advent will arrive and we will enjoy this season of waiting for the birth of Jesus. It is a special time at St. Edward, where we will have a special Advent prayer chain and celebrate our good deeds as we strive to be like Jesus.

Science: We have studied the weather and are moving on to learn about geology -- the earth’s surface, features and resources. In this unit, we will become experts at using a science textbook to answer questions in a packet about Earth.

Third Grade Math: We have finished chapter two and are diving into multi-digit subtraction with regrouping (borrowing). After that, we will jump into multiplication. If possible, please have your child do “Xtra Math” at home a few times a week.

Fourth Grade Math: We finished chapter two and plan to cruise through chapter three, which will focus on front-end estimation and multi-digit subtraction. While it appears the students have done this before, I have noticed we need extra practice. After that, we will multiply by one and two digits and the skills we will need to successfully do so. If possible, please have your child do “Xtra Math” at home a few times a week.

Social Studies: This fall, our students honed in on their map skills and learned early history of Wisconsin. We have taken a break from social studies the last few weeks but get back into it amidst Christmas program practices. Each student will take a virtual tour of Wisconsin, writing hand made postcards from different regions of our wonderful state.

Art: Art is on Fridays and we missed a two Fridays in the last few weeks, so we cannot wait to get back to it! We hope you enjoyed the pumpkin art on display in the hall. Our November project focuses on each student making a paper mosaic of something for which he/she is thankful. It is taking a lot of time to make them, so hopefully they will turn out beautifully.

Reading:  We are presently reading books by Patricia Polacco as she is our author study right now.  We also have our guided reading groups.  

Reading Buddies:  We have reading buddies with the kindergarten.  We wrote books called “It Looked Like Spilt Milk” and shared them with our buddies.  We also shared our turkey stories with them.

Sharing books with our reading buddies.

Religion:  We are learning about sin and how it harms our relationship with God.  We will be playing a folder game about venial and mortal sin.