Sunday, January 26, 2020

January 2020

We have finished the introduction chapters of Multiplication and have started the introduction chapters of Division. Students will continue to complete Sweet Treat Multiplication quizzes. Students will complete quizzes up to x12; after they finish x12 they have the option of going up to x15 or switching to division quizzes.

We have been learning about the world's landforms and natural hazards. We will be doing an experiment to show how erosion works as well as watching a volcano eruption.

We are learning more information about the world's landforms and about different communities in our world.

Students created a silhouette snow-globe of pine trees by using white chalk on black construction paper. The outside of the snow-globe was to be "pulled" to create a white snow-dusting background.

To help cheer on the Packers we had a Packer Party! As a class we created paper cheese heads, the students created Packer Songs to tunes of well-known Christmas songs, and they had a dance party to different songs that were recreated to Packer style. Many of the students brought in yummy treats or juice for the class to snack on during the party.