Monday, October 9, 2017

Sept. 2017                       GO PACKERS!


We are presently learning about the Blessed Trinity.  Do you know how the Blessed Trinity and a Twix candy bar are alike?  Ask your 3rd or 4th grader.  They will be able to tell you.  Come back next month for my explanation.


     Presently I am doing Running Records to determine my Guided Reading Groups.  I will give more information about these groups next month.
     In our large reading group we are learning about the author Tomie dePaola.  We have read several of his books and are doing projects.  The students used the Chromes to research Mr. dePaola and fill in a paper about his life.  We have also used his books to work on the following skills:  fact and
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opinion, text-to-self, and the authors point of view.  I have included some pictures of the author's point of view project.  We are now working on the skill cause and effect.
     We watched a video that was an interview with Tomie dePaola.  At the end of the video he said he feels it is important for children to just spend some time reading.  He then ended by telling the student to go and spend some time reading.  The following are pictures of them doing just that.
Sharing a good book

     We take a pretest on Mondays unless we don't have school on Monday for some reason.  Then we take the pretest on Tuesday.  These tests are written in their planners and will give you an idea of which words your child needs to spend more time on.  Our posttests are taken on Fridays.  If your child gets 100% on the pretest he/she does not have to take the test on Friday.


We are working on what is a sentence and what is a fragment.  The students are doing an interactive notebook for this skill.  When they determine that a group of words is a fragment they must tell what part is missing and how to fix it.

Reading Buddies

We are doing Reading Buddies with the Kindergarten.  Every Tuesday we  either go to their room or they come to our room.  We read books to them that are at their level.  Some times my students pick the books and some times Mrs. Lowe's students pick the books.  Both classes look forward to this time.  I have included some pictures of the buddies.


We have written a paragraph about new planet that the students discover while falling back into space.  This was a combined writing and art project.  I have included a few of the paragraphs here. We are now working on our own books based on the book It Looked Like Spilt Milk.


We have library on Wednesdays.  Please remind your child to return their books to school by then.

Working on art