Wednesday, November 27, 2019

October 7-November 22

In Math we finished the Addition and Subtraction chapters. This week we started Multiplication. to help the students learn and memorize their multiplication facts they will be given a multiplication "flip-book," multiplication wheels, a multiplication chart to fill in, and they will complete Multiplication Times Facts, which is a timed test. After completing each quiz with correct answer, students will receive an ice cream scoop to hang up for their achievements.

We have learned many things about animals. We discussed biomes and habitats, vertibrates vs. invertibrates, the different types of animal groups, animal adaptations, behaviors, and food chains. To conclude our animal unit each student had to choose an animal, research it, and create a final project to present to the class. Each student did a great job on their project! All projects are now displayed above their lockers.

Animal Projects
Komodo Dragon
African Penguin
Green Sea Turtle  
Arctic Fox
African Forest Elephant

We are coming to the end of our Maps Unit. In this unit we learned about the 7 continents of the world (Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctic, Europe, and Australia) and the 5 oceans of the world (Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indian, and Southern Oceans), the parts of a map, and the different types of maps we use.

Halloween Monsters

Fall Glitter Leaves & Turkey "wreaths"