Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 9, 2014

Once again the students have written about some of the important things we have been doing in class.  

Religion by Alyssa and Ava

Dear Parents, let's take a quiet moment and pray:
Dear God,
Thank you for our parents, food, and friends.
In Religion we just recently took a test.  We have been learning about how Jesus has the power over life and death.

Science by Emily and Aoife

In science we did an egg experiment and we put the egg in vinegar to see what happened to it.  Mrs. Cowart dropped and broke the egg the first time.  We got a second egg and the shell turned out rubbery and we could see through it.  We also did an experiment about animal adaptations and we learned about different bird beaks.  We used all kinds of different things, like straws, clothes pins, popsicle sticks, and scissors and had to pick up little things in one minute.

Math by Emily and Aoife

In math we have learned all of our multiplication and division facts from 0 to 10.  We did an activity called Packing Up Our Wagon and we had to take things adding up to 2,000 lbs.  We also had a math race with fast arrays on the board and Team 2 won.

Social Studies by Miranda and Josey
In social studies we are learning about Wisconsin Regions.  We read monthly newspapers and are reading about Pancake Paul and Larry the Lumberjack.

Reading/English by Ava and Alyssa

In reading we were each given a level that we are allowed to read in the classroom and for RAZ.  Ms. Ploederl tests each of us and we have to read into the computer.  We have also been learning about a lot of different kinds of sentences in English.

Apple Valley School by Miranda and Josey

In Apple Valley School we were given new names and families and a new age.  We are pretending and learning about pioneers.  There are a lot of ways that we can earn and lose points.  We are pretending to be  back in the 1800's.

Christmas Play by Rudy and Collin

Our class has many parts in the Christmas Play.  We have sheep, angels, a mother, and a shepherd.  The play will be on Dec. 4th.  It is very fun doing play practice.  The kids in school all have their parts memorized!

We look forward to seeing you all at conferences this week!  You will receive your child's report card at our conference.  If you ever have any questions or comments please email or leave us a message. 

Mrs. Cowart and Ms. Ploederl