Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29th - March 4th

Hope you all enjoyed your three day weekend!  I sure did!  I was able to get some spring cleaning started.

This week we will be taking home a spelling list.  Practice each night at home.

We are working hard practicing for the living stations.  We have been spending some time each day at church to get ready.  The students are doing a fantastic job with their lines and knowing when to act out their parts.  The living stations are going to be presented on March 16th at 2pm in church.

We will be having a math test today on adding and subtracting with larger numbers.  Our next math unit is on angles, polygons, and shapes.

March calendar

1st- Get Active
2nd - Lego Club
4th- Mass 
7th- Stations of the Cross 2:00 pm
9th- Early Release/ Teacher In service
11th- Mass
15th-  Field Trip, Opera for the Young at St. Nicholas 
 16th- Living Stations of the Cross, 2:00 pm
16th - Lego Club
18th- Mass 
23rd - Mass
23rd - Lego Club
 24th- Holy Thursday, Early 
Release, No After School Care. 
Beginning of Easter Break.

Have a great week!!

Mrs. Cowart and Ms. Ploederl

Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22nd - 26th

What great weather we are having!  Even as the weather gets warmer please send snowpants, boots, hats, and gloves.  The playground is very wet!

There will not be a spelling list coming home this week.  It is a short a week, so we are giving the students a break.

In math we should finish Unit 4 this week.  There will be a math test either on Thursday or the following Monday.  The test is on addition and subtraction using larger numbers.  Multiplication timed tests are going very well!!  We have three students who have completed all of the tests and earned their ice cream party.  Many more are very close!!  The party won't be until May, so the rest of the students have plenty of time to earn the party, too.

I have attached some fun pictures from our Valentine's party.

February Calendar
23rd - Get Active 3pm-4pm
23rd - Third grade conferences by request
24th - 8:15 Mass
26th - No School

Have a wonderful week! 
Mrs. Cowart and Ms. Ploederl

Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15th - 19th

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  I hope you all found a fun way to celebrate!!  We had a great day on Friday!  Everyone followed directions while playing with their electronics and we enjoyed our Valentine's!

This week we will have a spelling test.  Keep studying hard at home!  They are doing such a great job each week!!

Our book is officially finished and will be sent off to be published today!  We are so excited to share this with each of you!  You will be amazed at how well they did and how much we all learned!!

Our class will be presenting the Living Stations of the Cross on March 16th at 2pm.  We chose our parts last week.  Many of them have lines to memorize.  These need to be memorized by February 25th.  Please read through the script with them.  The readers need to practice reading their parts and the actors need to know the script really well so they know what they are supposed to be doing.  We will be practicing at church a lot in the coming weeks.

Conferences will be the week of February 22nd - 25th and these are by request.  We will be holding conferences on Tuesday the 23rd.  We will be sending an email to those we feel we need to meet with.  If you would like a conference and don't receive an email please contact us and we will be more than happy to schedule one with you.

Continue working on multiplication facts at home.  The students are really cruising through their timed tests.   We even have a couple of students who are on their last test already!  Remember, they must master all multiplication facts through 12 in order to earn the ice cream party in May.

February Calendar
16th - Get Active 3pm-4pm
19th - 8:15 Mass
23rd - Get Active 3pm-4pm
23rd - Third grade conferences by request
24th - 8:15 Mass
26th - No School

Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Cowart and Ms. Ploederl

Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8th - 12th

What a great week we had last week!!  It was nice to see so many of you throughout the week!  My favorite had to be roller skating night!  What a fun time it was!!

This week students will bring home a spelling list.  Please continue to study each night!!

We will be working on finishing our book that we are publishing.  Please get the order forms to us by the end of the week.  We need all forms turned in even if you are not going to order a book.  If everyone turns in the order form we receive a classroom book for free.  Thanks for helping us out!!

In math we are going to continue working on subtraction with larger numbers.  Timed tests are still going very well!  Students should be studying every night for at least five minutes.  I can tell right away who studies and who doesn't.  They need to pass all of the tests in order to earn the ice cream party.

Continue to encourage your child to read on RAZ.  They should be reading on this every night and then parents are to sign the RAZ sheet.  Thanks!

February Calendar
9th - Magic Show at St. Mary's in pm
10th- Ash Wednesday 8:15 Mass/ Early release at 12:30
12th - 8:15 Mass and rosary
19th - 8:15 Mass
24th - 8:15 Mass
26th - No School

Have a wonderful week!!

Mrs. Cowart and Ms. Ploederl