Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy first day of Autumn!

     These past two weeks have been exciting and busy in the afternoon in 2nd and 3rd grade.  Second grade has started the new math book called Math Expressions.  They have been busy learning about math mountains and missing addends.  We will continue to work on different strategies to solve these math mountains.  Please work on addition and subtraction math facts up to 18 with your students.  They need to know these without using their fingers within the next month or so.
     Third grade has been reviewing some important math concepts in order to be able to begin multiplication. They took an addition and subtraction math facts test and all did quite well on this.   We will begin working in the new Math Expressions book this week.  The book begins with multiplication. Please help them study their facts when they begin coming home.
     For those of you that have an iPad at home there is a great free app that I use to study math facts with my kids at home.  It is called Timed Test Arcade.  You can set up the test for exactly what you want.  There is an incentive for the students to do the tests.  They can earn tokens to use at the arcade.  It is a great resource for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
     In third grade Social Studies, we are learning about the geography of Wisconsin.  They should be bringing home their Wisconsin workbooks each week with an assignment that is due the next Monday.  Please help them to remember to bring their book back on Monday.  We use these in class.
     I still need to add pictures to the blog and will try to work on that this week.  Please feel free to call or email with any questions.
     Have a wonderful week!
         Mrs. Cowart

Friday, September 6, 2013

Afternoon News from Mrs. Cowart

Welcome back!  Our first week was a great one!  The kids were hard workers even in the heat.  I wanted to let you know a little about myself and what I will be teaching this year.  Most of you know me because of my three children attending St. Edward.  Kyle is in 5th grade, Alyssa is in 2nd grade, and Braeden is in 1st grade.  I graduated with my undergraduate degree in Sociology with a Social Work minor.  I then attended graduate school at National-Louis University and where I received my teaching degree through the Master of Arts in Teaching program.   I taught second and third grade in Mundelein, IL.  Once Kyle was born, I chose to stay home with my own kids, which turned into 10 years.  When the opportunity arose for me to be able to teach at St. Edward, I was so excited!

I am primarily responsible for the afternoons.  I will be teaching 2nd and 3rd grade math, science, 3rd grade social studies, handwriting, and art.  Ms. Ploederl will be teaching Reading, English, writing, and Religion.

This first week we spent a lot of time reviewing concepts from last year.  In math we played a few games and worked on some fun review worksheets.  The 2nd graders will continue to go to the first grade room for social studies and the 3rd graders will stay with me and learn about Wisconsin history.  In art they decorated the frames from their self portraits.  They were able to use glitter, sequins, small rocks, and even feathers!  We had a fun time!  I will post pictures soon!

Please sign their student planners every day.  They will get a stamp if they have it signed and if they remember every day throughout the month they will get a special treat for that month.  The only thing we ask is that you only sign if they complete their homework.

Ms. Ploederl and I will be keeping you updated separately at least every two weeks.  So look for two entries so you don't miss something from the morning or afternoons.  Please email, call, or send a note should you have any questions.  I am so looking forward to teaching your children and getting to know them as individuals.

Mrs. Renee Cowart