Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Miss Peters Wednesday Check In

Good Evening 3rd Graders,
How far is everyone getting on their Science Project? Is next Monday, April 6 okay for the projects to be due or do you need more time? I know Miss Ploederl sent home a book report for you to do too, so I want to make sure you have enough time to get them both done. When is Miss Ploederl's book report due? In the comments section please let me know if April 6th works or if you need more time. I can change it to Monday, April 13, 2020 if that's easier? Let me know.

Tomorrow night I will put the answers for the name signing quiz on here, so if you haven't already tried the fun challenge you still have time.

Here is a picture of 10 Fun Facts that I would like you to read through for today. Enjoy! 😀

Here is  religion question for you.  What does it mean that the Church is apostolic?

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Miss Peters' Google Classroom Testing Post Update

Hello Parents & 3rd Graders,

I was given all of the students' school emails and have entered them into Google Classroom. I have set up three (3) different classes- one for Math, one for Science, and one for Social Studies. Each class has its own class code. I'll put each code below because I'm not sure if you will still need that since I have invited you (your students with the emails I was sent from Mrs. Cowart) to classes already. Please check your (parent's) emails for the three different codes. Please let me know if the codes along with the emails that I have entered work. If you are able to get in answer the sample question under the math class so I can see how answers are submitted and how I can "grade" you on this sample assignment.

Don't forget to update me on how your science projects are coming along! (I did mention this in my Tuesday Check In post below this one.)

Have a wonderful day!

Best wishes,

Miss Peters

Miss Peters' Tuesday Check-In

Good morning 3rd Graders!

Any updates or questions on your science projects today?

How was practicing the letters of the alphabet in ASL? Easy, Hard, Medium? Leave a comment about below!

Are you ready for the challenge?! Please leave a comment or email me your answers so I know that you have seen the video and have tried it. Remember this is just for fun, but I want everyone to try it!

Monday, March 30, 2020

Hi everyone.
I hope you enjoyed your Spring Break.  Let me know what you did.  How is your book report coming along?  Have you finished your book yet?  I have some more trivia questions for you.

1.  According to legend, who lead a gang of merry outlaws in
Sherwood Forest in Nottingham, England?

2.  How many legs does a spider have?

3.  How many rings make up the symbol of the Olympic Games?

4.  According to the Dr. Seuss book, who stole Christmas?

5.  What is the name of Winnie the Pooh's donkey friend?

6.  By what name are the young of frogs and toads known?

7.  By what title were the leaders of ancient Egypt known?

8.  What is the name of the town where The Flintstones live?

9.  The giant panda's diet is alost entirely made up of which plant?

10. Which famous ocean liner sank on her first voyage in 1912?

Good luck!

Miss Peters' Monday Check-In

Hi 3rd Graders!

How was your spring break? Comment below with fun things you all did!
How are your science projects coming along? Any questions? Has the instructions document I sent helped? Leave a comment below with how your science project is going!

Make sure you push the "Publish" button once you have finished your comment so it posts onto the blog. If you have trouble leaving a comment please email me your response, so I know you have seen the blog post. :)

Here is a short video to practice the letters of the alphabet in ASL. I would like you to watch it, practice the letters and tomorrow I will post another video with a fun quiz/challenge for you to answer to see if you can recognize whose name I am finger-spelling. Have fun!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Good morning everyone,
Today I would like you to go to Storyline online and listen to the story Carla's Sandwich.  The link is listed below.  Listen to the story, and then describe for me what your unique sandwich would be.  If you make your sandwich send me pictures of it.

I also want to remind you to be reading on Raz.  I am checking how you are doing.  Here is my challenge to you.  If you read five stories on five different days and get 100 on the quiz the first time you take it I will move you up a level.  Remember I get a report saying how you are doing each time you take the test.  Good luck!